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About Us

Carnicery is a family owned business located in Miami with roots taking back to Buenos Aires, Argentina to the 19th century. The meat industry is part of our culture. Our grandfather, Don Isaac Benchimol, founded one of the first kosher butchers in Argentina in 1945.

In 2014 our family opened the world renowned steakhouse “ EL PAISANO KOSHER HOUSE”. Located in a beautiful colonial house in the heart of Buenos Aires, where we serve the finest quality grilled meat on the market.

Today we expand our mission to provide you the best grass fed, hormone-free kosher meat cuts, so you can enjoy them at your house.

We focus on offering a stellar service together with a magnificent culinary experience to you, our customers. 

Products are available for both retail and wholesale.

All our products are Glat Kosher under the supervision of Kosher Miami.

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